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Current Projects

A exploration of Home - working title (2016-)

This is a collaborative project with American artist Layla Luna. As we both live in different countries, hemispheres and time zones we will be exploring independently the idea of home and what it means to each of us and others in our lives. Through ongoing dialougue between us we are interested in exploring our own practice in response to each other, we are particularily interest in seeing how our cultural differences influence our response to the concept of home. Our intention is that these two bodies of work will come together as a collaborative exhibition. 

Blog to come watch this space...


The Grimm Project -onging (2015-)

As in the well-known fairy tales, themes of right and wrong, good and tyranny are woven into my artistic practice. In the works of the Grimm Project you are invited into the narrative through the combination of different painterly techniques, from sketchy drawings to overlapping layers of thickly painted colour.
A series of chance encounters formed the impetus behind this project – the discovery of the Brothers Grimm museum in Kassel, Germany; an unexpected visit to their gravesite in Schöneberg, Berlin; a chance introduction a year or so later to Phillip Pullman's collection of fairy tales, ‘Grimm Tales for Young and Old’. These encounters fuelled what I called The Grimm Project and led to the creation of a group of painted works that interpret tales from Pullman's collection.
For these works, I wanted to further encourage the idea of chance, which was so instrumental in the project’s inception. Via social media I invited others to give me two things: a number between a given range and a photo of a favourite landscape. I used the number supplied to select a tale from the corresponding page in Pullman's book, which I would then visually interpret through painting. The landscape photo given was used to influence my colour palette.
This compelled me to work outside of my favoured palette and be more experimental with the use of colour. Rather than simply illustrating the main plot of the stories, I felt I wanted to be receptive to the elements of the story that most strongly resonated with me, those that appealed (or appalled), and to allow for everyday influences to weave their way through.

I'm currently running a blog on  this body of work - Grimm Project

And the paintings from this project can be viewed in the Gallery


Recent Projects

Sand in the Apricot Jam (2014)

Sand in the Apricot Jam is a visual arts project commemorating 100 years since WWI, for which I will be creating a large scale painting onsite at Expressions Art Centre in Upper Hutt.

The theme of the work acknowledges the role of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles in WWI in the Middle East, As well as their contribution at Gallipoli. My grandfather served with the Auckland Mounted Rifles and was wounded at Gallipoli. He returned to serve with his regiment until the end of the war. You can keep up to date on this project by visiting Sand in the Apricot Jam or by reading the blog on this project.

July 12th - September 7th 2014 | Expressions Art Centre | Upper Hutt (touring 2016/2017)


June 2013 | Presentation on my practice based research at the Arts in Society Conference, Budapest, Hungary


Feb 2013 | Master of Fine Arts exhibition, Massey University, Wellington


Past Exhibitions

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 | Retold (Grimm Project) | Toi Poneke, Wellington and Lakehouse Arts Centre, Auckland

(Forthcoming – 2016/2017 ) Sand in the Apricot Jam (touring) | National Army Museum, Waiouru

2014 | Sand in the Apricot Jam | Artist in residence and solo exhibition, Expressions Art and Entertainment Centre, Upper Hutt


Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 | MFA and MDes exhibition | Massey University, Wellington

2012 | Finalist – The Wellington Art Review | Expressions Art and Entertainment Centre, Upper Hut  

Finalist – Cliftons Art Prize | Cliftons, Wellington

Selected exhibitor at the opening of the new CoCA building, Te Ara Hihiko | Massey University, Wellington

2011 | Graduate exhibition | Massey University, Wellington

2010 | NZ Art Show | Wellington

2010 | Moments of Motherhood and Abstracted Visions Exhibition (joint exhibition with Shivaun Hogan) | Square Edge, Palmerston North

Winter Exhibition | Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington

2007 |Fab Wai Art Exhibition | Caterton Exhibition Centre, Carterton

2006 |3 on Show Exhibition (joint exhibition with Shivaun Hogan and Susan Samuels) | Archibalds the Art Place, Upper Hutt

Finalist – Adam Portrait Award | National Portrait Gallery, Wellington

Finalist – Park Lane Charity Exhibition and Auction | Auckland

2004 |  Affordable Arts Show 2004 | Wellington